3003 H14 aluminum coil/aluminum sheet moisture barrier craft paper

aluminum roll with polykraft paper


The kraft paper coated aluminum coil refers to a product in which kraft paper is firmly adhered to an aluminum coil by high temperature and high pressure. The thickness of the coated kraft aluminum coil often used by customers is 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm. The thickness range of Jinan Zhaoyang Aluminum is 0.2mm~2.0mm. The width that customers often use is 1000mm~1200mm. The widest width that Jinan Zhaoyang Aluminum can make is 1250mm.

The quality of aluminum coils during the production of kraft aluminum coils is high. For example, the aluminum coil must first be oil removed, the plates must be flat, and the thickness tolerances on the same plate must be very very small.

The average weight per coil is 2.5-3 tons. It can also be made into 3-5 tons. The wrapper aluminum coil is packaged in a paper core or aluminum core and a fumigation-free pallet.

The thickness of kraft paper is 0.11mm~0.14mm, its weight per square meter is 60g~80g, and the thickness of leaching film on kraft paper is 0.02mm. The aluminum coil with kraft paper is pressed by hot pressing process, the surface is smooth, the kraft paper and the aluminum roll are firmly bonded together, can not be peeled off by hand, and are immersed in water for 24 hours without cracking, after drying the product is the same as when it was just produced, the construction is convenient.

When the order quantity is less than 150 tons, the delivery time of the aluminum coil with kraft paper is 30 days.

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